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Thank you Rain for the idea. She prompted me with a chubby pegasus mare name “Partridge” and augh she is so cute but I dunno what I am gonna do with her. 

Also this is my 1000th post on my mod blog. 

Meet Partridge! The newest member to the group, she is an arborist with a specialty in fruit bearing trees, so feel free to ask her questions. 

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Just a doodle.. that I decided to finish. I really like drawing Vanilla… 

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Blackberry Brownie: “Hey, Hey Rind, looks like you won’t be the only one trying to get questions now!” 
Vanilla Delight: “I don’t know what you were thinking Rind… starting another blog?!?! Aren’t we all stressed out as it is? Do you like to torture yourself?”

Rind: “Relax everyone, this should be fun, we can just be idiots here, no seriousness needed.”

Strawberry Limeaid: “OhMIGOSH! I can’t believe you didn’t forget me.. I was the first one of us ever drawn! I was even before Dream! I can’t believe you invited me Rind!!”

Vision Chef: “I don’t know why I am here, I mean I am just a gender bend, not like you won’t see me on the main blog… oh well more ways to show off myself.” 

(( Yes, I have made.. yet another blog, welcome to the forgotten OCs where all the ocs I create will be given another life when no longer needed on the main blog. All the ponies represent facets of my personality originally, but this is really just a silly blog.))  

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